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Taking it to Task Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2024

Pg. 2-3. Editorial/Announcements

Pg. 4. Examining a Task-based Engineering Seminar for High School Students and the Impact on their English Communication and Interpersonal Skills by Joshua A. Kidd, Utsunomiya University, and Luke Winn, Hakuoh University

Pg. 21. Displaced: Moving TBLT to Asynchronous Online Classes in Japan by Chia-Hua M. Chu, University of Hyogo

Pg. 34. When the Sun Sets: Exploring Task-Based Language Teaching in a Japanese Night School by Joseph Kelley

Pg. 43. Lesson Plan: Australian Outback Survival Discussion by Fiona Shirasawa

Pg. 49. Lesson Plan: Teaching Connected Speech with Taylor Swift by Rintaro Ikegami, Akita International University

Taking it to Task Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter/Spring 2023

Pg. 2. Editorial/Announcements

Pg. 3. Getting Specific About Tasks: TBLT and ESP by Trevor Sitler, University of Birmingham

Pg. 23. Lesson Plan: Do People Have the Same Images When Hearing the Same Words? by Ying Zhou, Akita International University

Pg. 21. Lesson Plan: The Ideal Partner by Charlie Bell, The University of Occupational and Environmental Health

Pg. 28. Book Review: Pedagogical Realities of Implementing Task-Based Language Teaching. Reviewed by Martin Spivey, Akita Prefectural University

Taking it to Task Volume 5, Issue 2, Summer 2022

Pg. 2. Editorial/Announcements

Pg. 3. A Debate Unit Based on Task-based Language Teaching Principles by Charu Gupta and Heather Woodward, Rikkyo University

Pg. 23. EMI in Practice: Model United Nations by Patrick Strefford, Kyoto Sangyo University

Pg. 31. Challenges, Considerations and Suggestions for Task-based Language Teaching at University Self-Access Centres in Japan by Christopher P. Phelps, Otemon Gakuin University

Pg. 46. Lesson Plan: Creating Group Essays and Discussions on a Topic of Your Choice by Graham Robson, Toyo University

Pg. 65. Lesson Plan: A Travel Guide by Claire Ryan, International University of Health and Welfare

Pg. 70. Lesson Plan: Create a Stock Market Portfolio by Timmy Ang, Kwansei Gakuin University


Taking it to Task Volume 5, Issue 1, Summer 2021

Pg. 2. Editorial/Announcements

Pg. 3. A Tribute to Michael H. Long by Martin Spivey, Akita Prefectural University

Pg. 6. Using Kialo Edu for EFL Debate Preparation by Heather Woodward, Rikkyo University, and Laura Padfield, University of Nottingham

Pg. 20. Lesson Plan: Choosing and Apartment by Charlie Bell, University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan

Pg. 28. Book Review: Task-Based Language Teaching: Theory and Practice. Reviewed by Paul Leeming, Kindai University

Pg. 31. Book Review: Using Tasks in Second Language Teaching: Practice in Diverse Contexts. Reviewed by Robert Remmerswaal, Sojo University

Taking it to Task Volume 4, Issue 2, Winter 2020

Pg. 2. Editorial/Announcements

Pg. 3. Exploring English Self-Efficacy in Japanese Students by Robert Remmerswaal

Pg. 14. Considerations for Adopting a Task-Based Teaching Approach in a Private English Conversation School by Martin Spivey

Pg. 25. Lesson Plan: Investigating a Career by Kevin Ballou

Taking it to Task Volume 4, Issue 1, Summer 2020

Pg. 2. Editorial/Announcements

Pg. 3. Student-Centered Learning in the Japanese EFL Environment: Concerns about TBLT and Active Learning by Rintaro Sato

Pg. 10. Lesson Plan: Creating a Successful Video Advertisement by Peter Chu

Pg. 25. Lesson Plan: Improving Conversations by Writing Dialogues by John Carle

Pg. 32. Lesson Plan: Country Poster and Presentation by Bill White and Ted Ostis

TBLT in Asia 2018 Conference Proceedings

Pg. 4. Editorial

Pg. 5. Applying TBLT with young learners: Implementing series of linked tasks in a kindergarten class by Abram Leon

Pg. 16. Low-proficiency university students’ perceptions of pretask planning and their
monologue task performances by Chie Ogawa

Pg. 26. L2 writing development in intermediate college-level Japanese-as-a-foreign-language classrooms by Tatsushi Fukunaga

Pg. 38. Authentic application of TBLT in Japan by Jenny Numadate

Pg. 47. Bridging the gap between teacher and student perspectives of TBLT in the Japanese EFL classroom by Shizuka Brooks

Pg. 59. Physical games as language tasks: One game’s effect on language production and students’ perceptions by Sya’baningrum Prihhartini

Pg. 71. The effects of different learning conditions on vocabulary knowledge by Mutsumi Kawakami

Pg. 88. Task-based English curriculum innovation for computer science majors in Japan: Preliminary report by Emiko Kaneko et al.

Pg. 102. Task-Based Language Teaching at the Maritime Education and Training Institute in Indonesia by Irmi Agustina

Pg. 113. Critical perspective on language learning: TBLT and digital games by Anton Vegel

Pg. 125. Editorial board, SIG information

Taking it to Task Volume 3, Issue 1, Fall 2018

Editorial / Announcement, pg. 2.

An Evidence-Based Approach to L2 Task Design by Shoko Sasayama, pg. 3.

Lesson Plan: A Market Research Survey Project. Nicholas Marx, pg. 6.

Lesson Plan: Storytelling: Tapping Student Imagination. Simon Rowe, pg. 12.

Taking it to Task Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall 2017

Editorial, pg. 2.

Conference Report on TBL SIG Mini-Conference: Tasks in Practice by Michael Lin, pg. 3.

Lesson Plan: Communication Strategies. Charles Bell, pg. 6.

Lesson Plan: The Book Making Project. Ran Niboshi, pg. 12.

Taking it to Task Volume 2, Issue 1, Summer 2017

Editorial, pg. 2.

Reports on the International Conference on TBLT, pg. 3.

Student-produced Podcasts: TBLT in Action. Sarah Holland, pg. 12.

How much change is enough? Contextualizing TBLT for your classroom. Tatiana Bogachenko, pg. 27.

Lesson Plan: Global Topics Project Outline: Energy. Thomas Stinger, pg. 38.

Taking it to Task Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 2017

Editorial, pg. 2.

Integrating a Genre-Based Approach and Task-Based Instruction in Teaching Writing Skills. Muhsilin Rasuki, pg. 3.

Rethinking Student Presentations: A Task-Based Learning Teaching Approach to Making Short Group Smartphone Documentaries. Lachlan Jackson, pg. 9.

Taking it to Task Volume 1, Issue 1, Fall 2016

Editorial / Announcement, pg. 2.

An Evidence-Based Approach to L2 Task Design by Shoko Sasayama, pg. 3.

Lesson Plan: A Market Research Survey Project. Nicholas Marx, pg. 6.

Lesson Plan: Storytelling: Tapping Student Imagination. Simon Rowe, pg. 12.

OnTask Volume 5, Issue 1, Spring 2015

Editorial, pg. 2.

Task-based language assessment for young learners. Yuko Goto Butler, pg. 3.

Task-based assessment and pre-service teacher development in TESOL methods courses. Daniel O. Jackson, pg. 9.

Lesson plan: New Inventions. Joseph Simpson, pg. 16.

Lesson plan: International food week. Colin Thompson, pg. 20.

Lesson plan: Adapting an iPad game to an EFL class. Stephen Case, pg. 23.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 27.

OnTask Volume 4, Issue 2, Autumn 2014

Editorial, pg. 2.

‘Getting it’ together: Creating a collective understanding of TBLT within departments. Travis Henry, pg. 4.

Exploring the potential of TBLT for academic abstract writing. Jennifer Teeter, pg. 9.

Lesson plan: Story Books to foster low-level students’ writing ability. Agnes Patko, pg. 21.

Lesson plan: Online surveys in the CALL classroom. Justin Harris, pg. 25.

Lesson plan: Autobiographical Presentation Project. Henry Foster, pg. 29.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 33.

OnTask Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2014

The 2nd Bi-annual TBL in Asia Conference, pg. 3.

Before and After the Task: Potential Research-based Contributions. Peter Skehan, pg. 4.

Task-based learning in language teacher education. William Littlewood, pg. 11.

Lesson plan: The Language Learner History Project. Oana Cusen, pg. 17.

Lesson plan: Around the international business table: A task utilizing direct/reported speech and active translation skills. Matthew W. Turner, pg. 22.

Lesson plan: Lesson Plan: The Marshmallow Challenge. Sam Crofts, pg. 28.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 31.

OnTask Volume 3, Issue 2, Autumn 2013

TBL in Asia 2014 preview, pg. 2/3.

Power-sharing in the Asian TBL classroom: Switching from teacher to facilitator. Robert Stroud, pg. 4.

TBLによるコミュニケーショ ン実践能力養成の検証:TBL への好意性がコミュニケーシ ョン実践能力への自信と学習 意欲に与える影響。豊田順子, pg. 11.

Lesson plan: “What is your greatest pleasure in life?”. Ben Humphreys, pg. 22.

Lesson plan: Lesson plan: Alphabet Speeches. Michael Crawford, pg. 29.

Lesson plan: Lesson Plan: Building fluency and accuracy through task sequencing. Colin Thompson, pg. 32.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 42.

OnTask Volume 3, Issue 1, Spring 2013

Our first year as a full SIG, pg. 2/3.

Capturing experience and creating community through digital storytelling. Peter Gobel, pg. 4.

Getting started with TBLT: A personal account. Natsuko Shintani, pg. 13.

Lesson plan: Design a bag. Travis Henry, pg. 20.

Lesson plan: Study Management Task. Martin Mullen, pg. 23.

Lesson plan: Theme-based discussion tasks for student interaction. Nick Domjancic, pg. 27.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 31.

OnTask Volume 2, Issue 2, Autumn 2012
Special TBL in Asia Conference Issue

Editorial, pg. 2.

Students’ L1 use for task work. Yusa Koizumi, pg. 3.

Task-based language teaching and learners’ second language development. Ayaka Hashinishi, pg. 7.

‘Keeping it real’: Implementing a task-based curriculum in an EAP context in Vietnam.
Carla Bridge & Fiona Wiebusch, pg. 11.

Task-based telecollaborative projects for beginner-level students-Increasing authenticity in the EFL classroom.
B. Greg Dunne, pg. 16.

Designing and choosing information gap tasks for the low-level classroom.
Josh Cohen, Mark Donnellan & Jeffery Crawford, pg. 20.

Task-based learning and the 2003 action plan: An examination of tasks produced by SHS JTEs.
Gregory C. Birch, pg. 24.

JFL teachers’ perceptions of task-based language teaching: A case study of Japanese language teachers in Hong Kong. Masaki Seo, pg. 28.

The effects of task complexity on Japanese learners’ planning strategies. Colin Thompson, pg. 33.

Carousel mini-presentations: A merry-go-round of authentic communication.
Sean H. Toland & Jeffery Crawford, pg. 38.

A study of pre-reading tasks for EFL high school students TBL. Huei-Chun Teng & Chia-Ling Chang, pg. 42.

Three principles for encouraging TBL in the team teaching environment. Bryan Gerard, pg. 47.

Focus on meaning in primary school TBLT in Chinese: A case analysis.
Yeo Leng Leng & Chen Seow Chin, pg. 50.

Designing and delivering tasks to less proficient EFL learners at Japanese University. Reiko Nishida, pg. 56.

Assessing assessment practices in TBLT classrooms. Fergus O’Dwyer, pg. 59.

A pilot study of 3 tasks. Robby Caughey & Gareth Eggie, pg. 66.

Is it a potential panacea? Retrospection on Task-based learning and teaching in Hong Kong. Dan Lu, pg. 70.

An effect of text-based tasks on incidental vocabulary acquisition. Mutsumi Kawakami, pg. 74.

“Is TBL right for Asia?” the wrong question? William Hogue, pg. 80.

Elaborating specific tasks for doing three different reporting projects – To become a real writer.
Takaaki Goto, pg. 83.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 88.

OnTask Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2012

Editorial, pg. 2/3.

Task-based language teaching in Confucian-heritage settings: prospects and challenges. David Carless, pg. 4.

Towards a more balanced approach in TEFL through TBL. Steven Herder, pg. 9.

Lesson plan: Using trivia to stimulate discussion. Jonathan Enns, pg. 15.

Lesson plan: Leadership election. Colin Thompson, pg. 18.

Lesson plan: Silent Video: Shaun the Sheep narration. Mark Donnellan, pg. 23.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 26.

OnTask Volume 1, Issue 2, Autumn, 2011

Editorial, pg. 2/3.

Task-based learning and teaching in online virtual worlds and games. Jean-Paul DuQuette, pg. 4.

Learning by doing: A task-based learning project. Michi Saki, pg. 16.

Lesson plan: A task-based framework for content classes. Nick Domjancic, pg. 24.

Lesson plan: Travel postcard writing. Wes Lang, pg. 27.

Lesson plan: Discussing environmental problems. Colin Thompson & Neil Millington, pg. 31.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 36.

OnTask Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2011

Editorial, pg. 2/3.

Task-based learning and learner motivation. Dave Willis and Jane Willis, pg. 4.

Informing a task-based approach with L2 motivation theory. Julian Pigott, pg. 11.

Lesson plan: Talking about stress. Shaun Gates, pg. 19.

Lesson plan: Summarising a story using visuals. Sandra Healy, pg. 22.

Lesson plan: My life so far. Brent Cotsworth, pg. 25.

Guidelines for contributions, pg. 28.